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Saxogade on Vesterbro – Copenhagen's coolest side street

Who doesn't remember Sonja from Saxogade? Well, maybe not all. Sonja grew up in Saxogade in the 60s - and was in many ways a pioneer woman or rather a girl for later generations of young women. She was proactive, energetic, independent and at the same time caring, insightful and loving. Super modern values that combine the masculine and the feminine. All values that characterize Saxogade today to such an extent. Copenhagen's coolest side street.

Saxogade Vesterbro
Saxogade Vesterbro

Saxogade is the Settlement's social shopping street in Vesterbro. The Settlement is a foundation driven by social indignation and which works for social and cultural equality in society. Several of the street's shops are named after characters from the series about Sonja. Here you will find shops such as Normas, Heidi & Bjarne, Fredes Woodshop, but also other special shops with something in mind, such as Green forces, and Løsmarked. The settlement combines an economic, a social and a green bottom line. Several of the shops offer, in addition to an experience for visitors to the street, a spacious workplace for people on the edge of the labor market. People who stand out and who may have difficulty fitting in elsewhere.

Gifts with a good conscience

Normas is the street's cool lifestyle store. It is aesthetically furnished, in warm tone-on-tone colors and has a selection of organic and sustainable lifestyle products of a unique nature. All products that are hard to find elsewhere. In addition to a welcoming atmosphere and an exciting selection of products, the store offers a selection of cold and hot drinks and a pleasant chat with the clerk. A brilliant gift shop. Both when you have to buy gifts for others and for yourself.

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