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Tribal Marketing

In a time when the need for communities is stronger than ever, and where people are increasingly coming together around shared values and interests across traditional segmentation criteria, it makes a lot of sense to work with Tribal Marketing.
Tribal Marketing is a strategy that focuses on targeting one's product development and branding towards specific groups or communities, also known as sub-cultures. Instead of broadly reaching out to traditional segments, tailor marketing efforts to appeal more specifically to the unique characteristics and interests of a particular group.
By understanding the commonalities and preferences shared by members of the group, companies can create products, services and brands that support the target group and foster a sense of belonging and community.


From target groups to participants

In Tribal Marketing, consumers are not just passive recipients of marketing messages, but active participants and co-creators who shape and influence the marketplace through their collective actions. It creates a sense of shared identity among tribe members, which in turn strengthens their loyalty to the brand. It is also called Brand Tribalism.


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