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Sustainabile now or die

How to navigate the Waves

The somewhat provocative title covers a subject that cannot be avoided. Sustainability. Everyone is talking about Sustainability. Sustainability washes over us like a tzunami. It is not just a trend, but a paradigm shift in society. But within sustainability there are several trends, and it is worth knowing about them.


But what exactly does sustainability mean? To what extent does sustainability influence consumers' consumption choices? How do you approach the subject when new products are to be developed and you communicate about sustainability in the market? How should you as a company and brand navigate a "Green Ocean" with green messages?


This talk focuses on the latest market developments in sustainability. Who take first moves? How can you be inspired? What are the minimum efforts needed to survive the demands and expectations of the future? How do you navigate the wave?


Book this talk on sustainability and be inspired to what you can do.

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