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Retail Tech

The Retail Tech Safari will focus on new technology as an integral part of the user experience. Both technology that is directly visible to the user, but also technology that "behind the scene" helps the retailer to organize a better user experience in the physical environment.



Everyone who works with retail, service, brands and innovation, and who wants inspiration on how technology can help improve the user experience.


Dates: April 14. - 15.  2023

Max. 20 participants

Price: DKK 9,945


Included in the price are: Trend introduction and subsequent summary of insight platforms from the days to direct activation in own company. Also included are materials, transport between visits, catering and dinner in the evening.


The price is exclusive of any accommodation and VAT.


We can help arrange accommodation.

Register before February 28. and receive a discount of DKK 1,5oo.


Registration deadline: March 15, 2023

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