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Insights & talks

We are passionate about finding insights.

Insights that can inspire and form the starting point for new business initiatives.

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We convey insights in a fun and inspiring way through tailor-made talks.

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Talks that can kick-start your innovation and branding processes through the latest insights, good energy and lots of exciting cases.

"Erhverv Hjørring had invited TrendTribe to speak on the subject of "Tomorrows consumers". It was delivered with great commitment and deep insight, and gave the audience thought-provoking inspiration for changes in their own company"

Bo Geertsen, Director Commercial Hjørring

"Bettine from TrendTribe delivered a very inspiring talk on sustainability and health for our annual creative innovation seminar. It is clear that she is passionate about it, and there was an extra layer with e.g. a lot of exciting examples and cases that we have not seen elsewhere. So we gained new knowledge about two of the biggest themes of our time - perfect as part of the starting point for our innovation process"

Kasper Andreasen, Analytics & insights manager, Royal Unibrew

Contact usf or a tailored offer of insights and talks, or read more about the options below:

Morgendagens forbruger.jpg


Where are they heading?

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Udvalte foredrag

The future of retail

Survival of the fittest - and how to get fit

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More than just Brocolli

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Food Trends 

We are what we eat

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Surfing a green wave.jpg

How to navigate the green Wave

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Tid og convienence.jpg

The new

anti-work movement

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Time as luxury

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