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Retail Safari

Join our Retail Safari in Copenhagen – and be inspired to develop your own brand


Join TrendTribe on a Retail Safari in Copenhagen and gain new insights and ideas. We offer a tour filled with experiences and fresh inspiration. Inspiration on how you can develop your own concept and retail brand. Forget London, Barcelona, and New York - Copenhagen has a lot to offer and is leading in many areas, whether it's sustainability, tech, or local startups.

New inspiration, networking, and dialogue

As a participant, you will be involved and engaged. We explore new concepts and brands and get to know them and their fans very well. Insights will be examined and elaborated, and you will be well-equipped to apply new knowledge and ideas in your business. You will have an experience in a professional community, and meet new relevant connections, which you can expand your network with.

Get close

A Safari differs from a visit to a zoo by offering the chance to get really close. Instead of just observing, we will experience authentic environments and real people. We will see, listen, smell, feel, and taste. In addition to visiting interesting retail and service concepts, we will meet experts and founders, as well as innovative consumers, who will give us an insight into how the new concepts fit into their lives and solve concrete problems. We will seek an increased understanding of which concrete needs the concepts meet now and in the future. Which trends support the business development and how you can navigate them.

It is our ambition to go behind the scenes and take a closer look at the business models in play. Both from a brand and market perspective.

Your gains

Besides a unique insight into the latest trends and Copenhagen’s innovative and exciting retail and service concepts, you will gain concrete new knowledge and relationships that you can implement in your business

Choose your theme

Sustainable & Social responsible

Retail Tech


Go local Copenhagen


We offer individually tailored tours according to your needs.

Give us a call and learn more

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