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Retail Safari

Join our Retail Safari in Copenhagen - and be inspired to further develop your own concept


TrendTribe invites at Retail Safari in Copenhagen. Join us for two days filled with experiences, insights and inspiration on how to develop your own concepts and retail brands.


2 days of intensive inspiration, networking and dialogue


As a participant, you will be involved and activated. Although the framework is planned, there will be some unknowns along the way on our Safari. Places we don't know. People we have yet to meet. Experiences we haven't had. In smaller groups, we will explore new insights and get the consumer under the skin. By following yet undiscovered tracks, we will immerse into the customers path. The insights will be investigated and elaborated jointly with the Safari's other participants.


Get close


A Safari differs from a visit to the Zoo, by offering the opportunity to get very close. Rather than just observing, we need to experience authentic environments and real people. We' ll see, listen, smell, feel and taste. We'll question the immediate and gain insights that go deeper. In addition to visiting interesting retail and service concepts, we will meet various experts and innovative consumers along the way, who will give us knowledge about how the new concepts fit into their lives and solve specific problems in their everyday lives. We will seek an increased understanding of what consumer needs the concepts tap in to now and in the future.

It is our ambition to get behind the facade and take a closer look at the business models that are at stake. Both from a market and resource perspective.




In addition to a unique insight into Copenhagen's new and exciting retail and service concepts, the goal is for each participant to get inspiration on how to develop your own concept.

Three themes

We plan 3 different safaris with their own theme. 

Sustainable & Social responsible

22. September 2023

Retail Tech

6. October 2023



10. November 2023

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We offer individually tailored tours according to your needs. Call and hear more on + 45 22 18 36 97

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