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Navigate your insights.
Convert knowledge into strong brands and business strategies.

Meet TrendTribe

The difference we make


We help you to be up-to-date with the latest knowledge about consumers and what is happening within your market. Knowledge that can be turned into new innovative ideas, products and brands. We translate knowledge into inspiring insights, engaging content, strong brands and business strategies.


Our passion


A "Tribe" is a community of like-minded people who embrace a common culture and share a common passion. At TrendTribe, we are passionate about people, behavior and culture. We are curious to understand the times we live in. What is important, for whom and why? What binds us together. We are passionate about communicating our insights and translating knowledge into commitment, new communities and new business opportunities.


Navigate trends and insights


We decode the zeitgeist and translate it into concrete trends and insights that can form a springboard for the development of new brand and business strategies. Go exploring in our Trend Insights or join us on a Retail Safari and find inspiration.


From insights to engagement


We help translate insights into strategies and concrete activities that can help create a special relationship and commitment to your company and your brand through Tribal Marketing. ​


Our Tribe


TrendTribe was founded in 2019, and has since solved tasks for a large number of customers within the retail, media, and lifestyle and experience industries. We convey knowledge and develop brands and strategies See selected references.


Become part of the TrendTribe


If you are also passionate about understanding cultural trends and finding insights that change and create new things, reach out.




Talks to inspire action



Develop through involvement 



Content that engages


Frederiksborggade 22, 4 th.
1360 Copenhagen, Danmark

+45 22 18 36 97

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