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Virtual Workshops

and lectures

”People loved the presentation. There was someone who said “I usually leave cold half way through. I didn't do that here”  

Kathrine Reinholt Sieker, Business Hjørring

Insights, strategy and content

At TrendTribe we help keeping you up-to date with the latest insights into the consumer and what is happening in your market.

Insights that spark new innovative ideas, products and brands. We transform insights to engaging content, inspiring talks and strong strategies.


We work with trends within a broad range of industries: 

  • Retail 

  • Technology

  • Home and interior

  • Food and drink

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Transportation

  • Health and wellness

  • Leisure

  • Travel

  • Work

  • And a lot more


We offer insights in selected generational target groups. From Alpha to Baby Boomers. 



We transform insights and trends to opportunities and help you to stay relevant.

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Content that engages



Talks to inspire action



Develop through involvement 

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About us

Our passion is to help our clients to stay relevant through engaging content, inspiring talks and strategic development. We have more than 20 years of experience with consumer insights, trends, communication and strategy. 



Frederiksborggade 22, 4 th.
1360 Copenhagen, Danmark

+45 22 18 36 97

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