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Virtual Workshops

and lectures

We love the physical meeting. It's just not always possible. That is why we offer virtual workshops and lectures, where you and your employees can physically be where it suits you. But mentally you gather in a virtual space with the possibility of creative expression.


Right now there is a need to gather the best minds and think new in innovation, sales, marketing and business development. We help to plan and facilitate the process and ensure that all the sharp heads are cleared and provide inspiration and input for the next step. After the workshop session, we summarize and collect all content and output in a "workbook", which forms a solid foundation for further work.


At TrendTribe, we have many years of experience in conducting creative and strategic workshops within marketing, branding, innovation and business development.


Among other things, we have experience in conducting workshops within:


  • Re-branding and relaunch of a Danish furniture brand with international ambitions 

  • Establishment of a new creative non-food concept for a large Danish supermarket chain 

  • Development and positioning of a well-known Danish children's clothing brand 

  • Development of brand platform for an online sustainable fashion concept 

  • Creative innovation in children's shoes 

  • Innovation and business development in hearing aids 

  • Brand workshop for global business within HR-assessment tools


And many, many more. Contact us for references.


Inspirational lecture as a kick-start


You can possibly combine the virtual workshop with one of our inspirational lectures. It can help lift the participants up into the helicopter, into the future and see your company and issues in an outside-in light. Read more about ourinspiring lectures.


A well-tested and professional tool


We use a well-tested and professional tool to conduct our virtual workshops. Together with the meeting tool Zoom, it provides the best prerequisites for a successful course.


The advantages are many


Virtual workshops and lectures are:


  • Flexible

  • Time optimizing

  • Resource saving

  • Sustainable


Start your innovation


When the world changes, there is usually a need to keep up. Or better yet be at the forefront. It is best done by gathering the best and getting all creative and mental resources on the field.

Everyone is something special


We plan each course individually and based on your particular situation. Therefore, contact us for a more detailed dialogue about how we can best plan and facilitate the process, so that you get the most out of the process.


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